✿ We’ve all gone Dotty . . .

We’ve all gone dotty started with the love for red & white dots years ago and was the inspiration behind the LuLLiLu logo.

We now love our hot dots even more as they truly are classic and timeless.

So… To bring them back we have featured them on our Limited Edition cashmere scarf.

The luxurious red & white dotted scarf is a cheerful way to brighten up any day and outfit.

All a girl needs is one dress, one bag, one scarf and make them your favourite, style them and wear over and over again.

Let them always be hanging on the edge of the chair with the rest of your favourites that barely make it back into the cupboard at the end of the day.

Our best sellers are the Cape Dress, an elegant and flattering piece that can be worn from day to night, then add a splash of red with the Hot Dot scarf

and better yet mix the dotty pattern with funky geometrics by throwing over your shoulder a handmade “SuSu” bag.

Watch out  for our new colours … COMING SOON❣

Be sure to visit us at LuLLiLu.com to purchase your key pieces, Hope to see you soon.

❤ Ronit x

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