✿ Like Mother, Like Daughter…

“Lullilu, created by Ronit Zilkha”, was inspired by a little girl called LuLLi, who wants to have fun and doesn’t want to waste all her time trying on clothes and going shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, this little girl loves nice clothes but is happy with a few favourite pieces that she loves to wear over and over until they look shorter, cuter and even nicer when they’re a little snug.

So, the inspiration came from making a few very special pieces, which will be part of LuLLi ‘s childhood, because we always remember “that one dress” in our photos which we wore so much as a child.

The Lullilu philosophy and clever sizing means the range will work for two or more age group gaps, starting with them being a little longer and looser, then a little shorter and snugger and worn with their own individual style, as girls have got so much style if they have the chance to let it shine. it is all about developing their freedom to express through clothes and other things.

We will also carry our styles from Autumn to Winter to Spring, with updated seasonal accessories, so no need to put clothes “away”. So, a Winter cardigan will work perfectly over a co-ordinating Spring dress from within the range.

Ronit Zilkha said, “I believe that when you invest in a special piece, you want them to last longer, just like Lulli likes…Let’s show our children value of clothes that they will cherish and love for years.”

LuLLiLu range is not a “Mini Me” ,as it is to inspire us Mums to be more child like in our approach to clothing ,not to fuss so much about what is new and love the few pieces we have . the idea that it is ok to wear the same dress over and over again as IT IS MY FAVOURITE AND SO EASY TO JUST PUT ON AND GET ON WITH MORE IMPORTAND THINGS IN LIFE . For Lulli is playing and for us is to make the most of it …

Let the children inspire us…

Below we have the ‘Little Audrey Dress’ and the ‘Audrey Dress’ for Daughters and their Mummy’s on the move.

Cashmere Audrey dress is a must for you girls who want to put on something gorgeous in a trice and look SO fashionable!
And don’t forget it will look great as you grow taller, kind of 60’s…
Dress it up with our Cashmere Lulli flowers, any colour you fancy.

The flattering pure cashmere short sleeved Audrey dress with a roll neck and slightly gathered yoke – dress it up with heels and jewellery

or more casually with a great pair of boots. “like we say …Dress , Boots and out of the door “

This is another piece you’ll want to wear over and over again.

Shop this collection now @ LulliLu.com

Ronit x


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