✿ Bluma Project Jewellery

The Bluma Project began with a simple idea:
Little things can mean a lot and that women can support each other globally.

Designer Beth Schaeffer travelled to Rwanda and found inspiration from the African crafts and textiles. She then founded in 2012 the Bluma Project.

The Bluma Project specialises in African-inspired jewellery crafted by hand at women’s cooperatives in Rwanda and Ghana using local materials.

Made beautifully using glass, wood, and paper beads, which are all commonly used materials in Bluma Project’s eye-catching necklaces and bracelets.

Each piece has been produced on site by a woman who was able to earn a sustainable wage and support her family, something that is often hard to come by in these locations.

Here at LuLLiLu we have two wonderful pieces from the Bluma Project just for you…

The Kayah Necklace – This hand crafted print cotton necklace features wooden, glass, and lacquered paper beads at the tiers. Adjustable length and tie closure. @ £58.00

Sesi Bracelets – A set of 5 hand crafted elastic bracelets features wooden, glass, and lacquered paper beads. @ £45.00

Both pieces will be a special item that you will cherish and love to wear .

P.S – Patterns and colours may vary due to the items being hand made individually.

♥ Ronit x


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